Enjoy life!

Our philosophy is simple.
We enjoy life! …every day.
…And we want to feel good about it.
We want to take care of our planet, our families, our fellow human beings
and our body, while enjoying the pleasures of life.
That’s why we started to look for a way to create
a new generation of snacks.
Snacks that protect our environment, our health
and our clean conscience.

We found that way!


You are
what you eat!

We work for a junk-food-free world.
All our ingredients are certified organic high quality products.
Due to our production system our products
are free from trans-fats. What you’ll find instead,
is fresh organic sunflower oil
added after baking our delicious puffs and crisps.

We care for our

We work very hard for the smallest possible CO2 fingerprint.
Our organic ingredients don’t fly around the world before
we turn them into snacks. We only use organic ingredients
from within the European Union and produce our products
right here in the heart of Europe.
From mixing the very basic ingredients, through baking, sorting and
flavoring, up to packaging and conducting all our quality checks